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Johnston Dance Academy offers a wide range of classes, workshops and events to fit every age and level of dance student — from beginner or recreational, to advanced or competitive. Classes in the beginner and recreational program at JDA are designed to introduce students to the joy of dance and teach the fundamentals of core dance techniques.

Each beginner and recreational class will learn basic dance techniques as well as one or two routines for performance depending on the class. Most beginner-level students will perform in both the Winter Extravaganza in December, and the Spring Production in May. Older recreational students will perform in the Spring Production in May.

Below is a list of our available classes with a brief description of each class. For more information see the following sections: Class Schedule, Class Registration, Tuition & Fees, and Studio Policies (including Recreational Attire & Shoe Requirements). If you need additional help or would like to speak to a JDA staff member, click here to contact us.


When looking for the right class for your child, Johnston Dance Academy follows the typical school enrollment schedule. The enrollment policy allows students to dance with their peers. There may be situations where a child’s class may need to be adjusted based on prior dance experience, skills and level of coordination. JDA does this at the teacher’s discretion. Please contact us if you have any questions.


Wee Dance


Wee Dance is great introductory class to the joy of dance, interaction with other children and a fun class to enjoy with a parent or caregiver. This class includes a combination of creative movement, ballet, French terminology, motor and listening skills. This class does not perform during the Spring Production. There will be an in-studio dance recital during their last class where friends and family are invited to see their final performance.

Combo Ballet/Tap

AGE: 3, 4, or 5/6 YEARS

In this 45 to 60 minute class (depending on age), students learn the basic ballet and tap skills and terminology, creative movement, counting music and assistance developing right and left coordination. Combo Ballet/Tap students perform one of the two techniques at our Winter Extravaganza at Merle Hay Mall in December. Your dancer will perform the other technique at the JDA Spring Production.

Trio Ballet/Tap/Jazz


In this three-part class, students will learn more advanced ballet, tap and jazz skills and terminology and will continue to build upon the basics they learned in earlier classes. Trio Ballet/Tap/Jazz students will also learn a Winter routine to perform at our Winter Extravaganza at Merle Hay Mall in December, and will perform two of the three techniques at the Spring Production.



AGE: 8+, MS/HS
Ballet is the foundation of all dance. Ballet at JDA will help develop flexibility and grace. Students study basic barre and stretching exercises as well as jumps, turns and leaps — each at their respective levels with corresponding French terminology. A concentrated effort will be made on correcting placement, which will give the dancers knowledge of proper technique in all ballet movements. Students will be immersed in both Cecchetti and Vaganova techniques.


AGE: 8+, MS/HS
Development of coordination is one of the best benefits of learning how to tap. Tap is a form of dance characterized by using one’s shoes, and the floor, as a percussive instrument. In this class students will develop rhythm, coordination and muscle control. Classes involve detailed footwork and articulation of sound. This is a great tool for self-expression.


AGE: 8+, MS/HS
Dancers will focus on the Giordano Technique, closely following the Nan Giordano Certificate Program, and will also experience other styles of this high-energy art form. The Giordano technique is characterized by “jazz hands” (held with fingers spread and charged with energy), isolated movements of particular parts of the body, an active pelvis, and precise, unconventional shoulder placement. Powerful jumps, turns, and traveling steps are prized. Giordano movements are executed with “counterforce”, an isometric resistance to the primary motion which creates an aesthetic of power and vitality, in contrast to other jazz dance styles’ emphasis on elegance or finesse.


AGE: 8+, MS/HS
Lyrical/Ballet is a style that blends ballet and jazz elements. It is generally smoother and a bit faster than ballet, but not quite as fast as traditional jazz. A lyrical/ballet dancer uses movement to express strong emotions such as love, joy and anger. JDA dancers usually perform to music with lyrics of the chosen song to serve as inspiration for movements and expressions. Dancers must have at least 2 years in both ballet and jazz to get the full benefit of this class.

Musical Theater

Musical theater is a fun and flashy style of dance set to music from Broadway shows. A combination of jazz and ballet technique is used with an emphasis on precise movements. This class is a great way to explore performance ability and improve stage presence. Musical theater is a fun class for everyone to experience and an excellent way to prepare for theater or show choir.


Hip Hop

Hip Hop is a fun, energetic style of street dance that is seen on many popular prime-time dance shows featuring music appropriate for kids.

All Boys Hip Hop

AGE: 5+
Boys can benefit from dance, too! All Boys Hip Hop is an explosive, swag-filled class that combines memory, coordination, rhythm, and loads of energetic FUN! Come learn the latest dance moves from all of your favorite video stars! By combining faster-paced rhythms and movement exercises, your dude will get an AWESOME workout without realizing they are breaking a sweat! We will choreograph routines and learn the fundamentals of this funky dance style without sacrificing the joy of dance or the thrill of being a cool dude.



AGE: 3+
Classes available at levels from beginner through advanced.
BEGINNERS: work on various rolls, cartwheels, back-bends, bridges, limbering skills with emphasis on balance and flexibility.
INTERMEDIATE: move onto the skills of front and back limbers, walk-overs, Arabians, flips and an introduction to power tumbling.
ADVANCED: this level works at further development of power tumbling and aerial work.


AGE: 13+
This is a mixed level yoga class using a three-part format: a warm-up phase, work phase, and a cool-down/deep stretching phase. Some equipment and props may be used at times. Modifications for students are always welcomed. JDA Yoga is Hatha yoga with a Vinyasa flow. Feel free to bring your own yoga mat — or use one of ours — and let go of any expectations and enjoy the class.



AGE: 8+ (Open Company Class)
Progressions is a class for the serious dancer. This hour-long class will concentrate on turn and leap combos across the floor. Progressions is a class for the dancer that wants to be able to do multiple turns and advanced leaps. This is a non-recital class.


AGE: 8+ (Open Company Class)
This class will focus on creating a stronger, more lean, athletic foundation for dance and other sports — combining elements of cross-fit exercises for stamina, power yoga for endurance, and ballet influenced Pilates work for a solid core that will carry over to all styles of dance. This class is for anyone who would like to increase their flexibility and range of motion. Students will learn how to safely stretch their legs, hips, shoulders, and back while building the muscle and balance needed to use your flexibility. This class is also great for the dancer who would like to create their own dance moves across the floor in lyrical, jazz, and contemporary dance. Strength/Conditioning/Improvisation class also teaches students to use levels, like floor work and lunges. This class is necessary for any dancer that wants to be amazing.


Before beginning pointe work, a ballet dancer must undertake many pre-pointe exercises to ensure they are strong enough to dance without risk of injury. Pre-pointe exercises are used to strengthen the muscles of the feet, ankles and legs so that they are strong enough to support the dancer on pointe. This class is by instructor invitation. Please contact studio owner, Jeanne Chelsen, for more information.


Dancing on pointe is a major goal in a ballerina’s dance life. Pre-pointe is a prerequisite for this class. Dancing on pointe, or your toes, requires tremendous strength of the legs and feet. Interested dancers are required to have at least 5 years of ballet experience. If you are interested in pointe, or aspire to dance on pointe, please let studio owner Jeanne Chelsen know. Teaching pointe is one of her favorite classes to teach and she welcomes all interest in this class.

Teacher’s Choice Technique/Combo

AGE: 13+ (Open Company Class)
This advanced level technique class is going to give dancers a little bit of everything. From week to week, the teacher’s will change their class syllabus. One week may focus on strength and conditioning, then improv skills, or lyrical combos, musical theater or hip hop, and so on. This revolving class will help students become more well-rounded, diverse dancers and give them the opportunity to continue to fine-tune various skills without the repetition of the same class week after week.


Solos are typically the culmination of many years of dance instruction and are reserved for students entering their Senior year of high school, have danced at JDA a minimum of 5 years, and been a teacher’s assistant for 2 years — or for those students who dance competitively at JDA, with instructor approval. The style of dance performed is up to student/teacher-choreographer’s discretion. Please contact studio owner Jeanne Chelsen if you are interested in performing a solo.

Private Technical Dance Lessons

One-on-one instruction is recommended for students looking to improve individual skills.

  • 1 student – $30 for 30-minute session
  • 2 students – $20 per person for 30-minute session

If you are interested in private work for your dancer, please contact studio owner Jeanne Chelsen.

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Johnston Dance Academy offers classes to fit any age or level.

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